Welcome to the VKA

Welcome to the Valadez Kenpo Association, Creators of the reality street survival combat Kenpo system.

We are professional martial arts association where you are treated with dignity and respect. Where you are assured to that no politics are played.

We recognize all martial artists no matter what title, rank, belt color held, or style and art practiced. There's no Big "I" or Litile "you's" in the VKA

Our GOAL is help in UNITING ALL Martial Arts Systems World Wide!

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Training in the martial arts can be dangerous. As with any contact sport, Injuries can (and do) occur. VKA programs or Certification programs, including other styles of training, can cause serious physical injury. Individuals involved in the production of training videos and those demonstrating their skills assume no responsibility for any injury or damage resulting from the execution of techniques presented therein. Students train at their own risk.

Should any Member, Instructor, or Student , whether associated with the VKA or not, become injured, hurt, or should an injury result in death, the VKA, Instructors (Including Master Instructors), Authors, Owners, System or Certification Program Founders and the VKA Board, shall not be responsible or liable in any way. All individuals involved in martial arts training assume the risk themselves and hold all those listed above harmless of any fault, damage, injury or death.